Ellie Goulding Sweepstakes

Thank you for your purchase of GoMacro and your interest in the Goulding Ticket Sweepstakes. As of 7/8/16, GoMacro stopped accepting submissions for the Workout With Ellie sweepstakes due to scheduling conflicts.


Ellie and her team regretfully will not be able to commit to the scheduled Workout With Ellie event due to her rigorous Delirium World Tour schedule. For ethical reasons, we at GoMacro stopped accepting email addresses and chose the winners of the sweepstakes immediately.


On 7/15 the winners were notified and the sweepstakes were officially closed.


As a token of our appreciation we would like to offer all of our fans that were interested in the Goulding Ticket Sweepstakes a 40% discount off of your next www.gomacro.com order. At checkout use the code GoMacro40 to redeem.


Should you have any questions regarding the Goulding Ticket Sweepstakes please refer to our Terms and Conditions page or email customer support directly.


Thank you for your continued support of GoMacro.